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Turing AI Institute of Nanjing Officially Completed

June 21,2018

On June 21, Turing AI Institute of Nanjing held the inauguration ceremony and alumni donation ceremony. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Dean of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences(IIIS), Tsinghua University, and President of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing, Zhang Zhichao , Qixia District Deputy Secretary, Wei XU, Deputy Director of Qixia Hi-tech Industry Development Management Committee, and Wei XU, Assistant Dean of IIIS, Tsinghua University, and Vice President of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing, attended the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by  Wei XU.


Andrew Chi-Chih Yao made the opening speech

At the ceremony, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao introduced the establishment progress and development plans of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing and looked forward to the development of AI in China. The institute will focus on five major platforms: upgrading of technical services in traditional AI sector, major scientific and technological innovations in interdisciplinary areas, industrial development clustering, talent introduction and cultivation, and equity investment gathering. Currently, the institute has 12 pre-incubation projects, of which 2 have already been completed. Venture capital funds that focus on early AI projects are also in active preparation.


Speech by Zhichao Zhang

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao amd Zhichao Zhang visited the exhibition hall

Zhichao Zhang, Deputy Secretary of Qixia District, congratulated the formal completion of the institute at Qixia District. As Tsinghua alumnus, he shared the process and thinking of the landing service for Turing AI Institute of Nanjing. Zhichao Zhang said that the completion of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing marked a reform practice of a new type of R&D mechanism that was more original and motivating, also an innovative attempt to break the institutional obstacles and effectively integrate the scientific research and market vitality of universities. Turing AI Institute of Nanjing conforms to the wave of world science and technology that artificial intelligence has changed from leading technology to universal technology. It is believed that the development of the institute will surely play a huge role in demonstrating and leading. In the city of Nanjing, the world's peak in the field of artificial intelligence will be established.


Wei Xu elaborated current progress

Wei XU, Vice President of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing, gave a wonderful speech entitled “Engine the Future of AI, Lead the Next IT Revolution” . In April 2018, Tsinghua University and Nanjing government joined together to establish Turing AI Institute of Nanjing. He emphasized that AI was the irritant of the times, and AI, from theory to applications, also covered all research directions of computer science. AI can truly reflect its value only when it is combined with industry. At present, the competition for AI top talents has become more intense in the world. Turing AI Institute of Nanjing, the joint efforts of Nanjing and IIIS, Tsinghua University, not only possesses the strength of the scientific research of IIIS, Tsinghua University, but also can fully enjoy the supportive policies of Nanjing government. The main research directions of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing focus on polices and governance, health care, internet economics, finance, security, networking, data centers, electricity markets, robotics and smart manufacturing. Turing AI Institute of Nanjing will be striding forward with an international perspective.



Chen Wang donated IIIS-Jiukun student development fund

During the ceremony, Chen WANG, Founder of Jiukun Investment, Chairman of Iinvestment Decision Committee, also an alumnus of IIIS, represented Jiukun Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd and established IIIS-Jiukun Student Development Fund, which will be mainly used to support IIIS student development.


Turing AI Institute’s first IIIS Alumni Forum 

More than a dozen outstanding IIIS alumni gathered in Nanjing from all over the world. Taking this opportunity, Yang WANG, Vice Director of Qixia District Talents Office, delivered a speech about talent support policies for participating students. Yang WANG introduced the details of the implementation plan for high-level talents in Nanjing. The presentation of the talent policy was well received by students.


The official completion of Turing AI Institute of Nanjing not only attracted IIIS alumni but also received great attention from major companies including Hong Kong Stock Exchange, E Fund, and Suning. A total of more than 150 persons witnessed this event.


(By Qin Xie, Photo by Xiang Li and Yong Xiang)