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Five papers from IIIS Accepted by SODA 2019

September 30,2018

Recently, the ACM-SIAM Symposium of Discrete Algorithms (SODA), as one of the top conferences in the field of algorithms, announced the acceptance of papers in 2019. 5 papers in total from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science (IIIS) were received by SODA 2019. Precisely, one was co-completed by two graduates  Haoqing He (PhD candidate 2013)Tianyi Zhang (PhD candidate 2016) and their advisor Ran Duan, assistant professor of IIIS, and the othert four were from Yao Class 2015, including Kaifeng Lyu, Shunhua Jiang, Hengjie Zhang, Binghui Peng and Runzhou Tao.

The list of papers

Fine-grained Complexity Meets IP = PSPACE

Lijie Chen, Shafi Goldwasser, Kaifeng Lyu, Guy N. Rothblum, Aviad Rubinstein

A Faster External Memory Priority Queue with DecreaseKeys

Shunhua Jiang, Kasper Green Larsen

Distributed Triangle Detection via Expander Decomposition

Yi-Jun Chang, Seth Pettie, Hengjie Zhang

Tight Competitive Ratios of Classic Matching Algorithms in the Fully Online Model

Zhiyi Huang, Binghui Peng, Zhihao Gavin Tang, Runzhou Tao, Xiaowei Wu, Yuhao Zhang

Dynamic Edge Coloring with Improved Approximation

Ran DuanHaoqing HeTianyi Zhang


(By Qin Xie)