Title: Quantum Journal Club: Demonstration of Bayesian quantum game on an ion trap quantum computer
Speaker: Wen-Ding Zhao, Xi-Yue Han and Wen-Tao Chen
Time: 2018-11-01 16:00-2018-11-01 17:30
Venue: MMW S327


This week we will have three speakers, Wen-Ding Zhao (赵文定), Xi-Yue Han (韩玺月) and Wen-Tao Chen (陈文涛) to introduce three papers for us. Please find the detailed information as follows.

Speaker: Wen-Ding Zhao (赵文定)
Title: Demonstration of Bayesian quantum game on an ion trap quantum computer

Authors: Neal Solmeyer,  Norbert M. Linke, Caroline Figgatt, Kevin A. Landsman, Radhakrishnan Balu, George Siopsis, and Christopher Monroe
References: arXiv: 1802.08116 (2018)

Speaker: Xi-Yue Han (韩玺月)
Title: Deterministic Quantum State Transfer and Generation of Remote Entanglement

using Microwave Photons
Authors: P. Kurpiers,, P. Magnard, T. Walter, B. Royer, M. Pechal, J. Heinsoo, Y. Salathe,

A. Akin, S. Storz, J.-C. Besse, S. Gasparinetti, A. Blais, and A. Wallra
References: arXiv: 1712.08593 (2017)


Speaker: Wen-Tao Chen (陈文涛)
Title: Multiphoton Tomography with Linear Optics and Photon Counting
Authors: Leonardo Banchi, W. Steven Kolthammer, and M.S. Kim
References: arXiv: 1806.02436 (2018)