Xiaohui Bei
Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

Address: Room 4-609 FIT Building,Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China
Tel: 86-10-62797304 86-10-62783817 Ext.1623


Education Background:


I am currently a Ph.D. student at Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing. My advisor is Prof. Andrew C. Yao. Before joining the doctoral program at ITCS, I completed my undergraduate in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.



Research Interests:

My research interests include topics in algorithmic game theory, mechanism design and social networks. Most recently, I have been studying problems in

1. Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Economics

2. Social Network Pricing and Mechanism Design.




Xiaohui Bei, Ning Chen, Xia Hua, Biaoshuai Tao, Endong Yang: Optimal Proportional Cake Cutting with Connected Pieces. To appear in the 26th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 2012.

Xiaohui Bei, Ning Chen, Nick Gravin and Pinyan Lu: Budget Feasible Mechanism Design: From Prior-Free to Bayesian. To appear in ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2012.

Xiaohui Bei, Zhiyi Huang: Bayesian Incentive Compatibility via Fractional Assignments. Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) 2011.

Xiaohui Bei, Wei Chen, Shang-Hua Teng, Jialin Zhang, Jiajie Zhu: Bounded Budget Betweenness Centrality Game for Strategic Network Formations. European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA) 2009. (Journal version appears in Theoretical Computer Science)