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Yao Class Meeting 2011 Took Place

May 26,2011


The class meeting of Tsinghua University Special Pilot CS Class (Yao Class) was held at the Lecture Hall, FIT Building on May 26. Chair Professors and Directors of Tsinghua Xuetang Computer Science Program, Mathematics Program, Physics Program, Life Science Program and Mechanics Program together with officials from the International Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Students’ Affairs Office, Registration Office, Department of Computer Science and Technology and Yao Class students joined the meeting.


Vice President Si Yuan addresses at the Yao Class meeting.

Prof. Yao remarks at the meeting.


In his remarks, Prof. Yao asked students to think about the concept of rational self-interest” and be an excellent member under the Tsinghua Xuetang Program. Prof. Jie Xiao from Mathematics Program paid tribute to Prof. Yao in his remark and said that, Prof. Yao is both a great computer scientist and mathematician. He hoped that students from Yao Class and Yau Class (the Mathematics Program chaired by Prof. Shing-Tung Yau) could work together and math students also take courses in algorithms and design. Prof. Quanshui Zheng from Mechanics Program looked forward to more frequent exchange among Tsinghua Xuetang Program students.

Yao Class Director Prof. Amy Wang hosts the class meeting.

Students from four grades of Yao Class join the class meeting.


During the discussion session, participants shared their understandings of the talent cultivation model that focuses on both individual growth and comprehensive development. Prof. Keqin Zhu, Director of Mechanics Program, Prof. Dong Liu,  Director of Life Science Program and Prof. Shiqun Li, Director of Physics Program talked about their successful experience while other officials emphasized on the leading role of Tsinghua Xuetang Program.


Prof. Jie Xiao from Mathematics Program and Prof. Quanshui Zheng from Mechanics Program address at the meeting.


Vice President Si Yuan of Tsingha University was impressed by Prof. Yaos remark and believed that Prof. Yao has been good at both “coding” and “debugging” in talent cultivation. And as for students, it’s a mission rather than simply honor to be a member of the Tsinghua Xuetang Program. He hoped that they could follow the university motto to constantly strive for self-perfection.

Group photo of excellent graduates from Yao Class 2007

Group photo of Yao Award winner 2011


An award ceremony took place during the class meeting as 8 students from Grade 2007 won the title of “Excellent Graduate” and 9 students got Yao Award 2011. Some Yao Class students also presented a poem and a song for all participants by the end of the class meeting.


Yao Class students present a poem and a song.

Group photo of Yao Class meeting