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Awards Ceremony and Looking Ahead

June 11,2008

On June 11, 2008, ITCS group meeting closed successfully.


Group Meeting


This group meeting was hosted by Prof. Yao. He first introduced the four new coming visitors to the students. Then, Prof. Yao summarized the research and educational work in this year and forwarded the research and pedagogical plan for the next year. Also, Prof. Yao said he would have a class next year, which was warmly welcomed by the students. People from ITCS work very hard to make our Institute become a top one in the world, and the work summarization and academic plan are just the certification of what people from ITCS have done.


To enhance the development of our Institute, ITCS sets a lot of stimulated strategies. For instance, our Institute presents books about creating careers to the four PhD students who are going to graduate this summer, in order to encourage them to carve out and make persistent efforts in their future life.


If we consider the graduated students as a scene for ITCS to cultivate brilliant talents, the students in ITCS now are research skeletons.


ITCS pays much attention to the graduated students and the undergraduate students studying in ITCS as well. The students are presented with different awards according to their outstanding academic results. Jing Zhang, Jie Yin and Yongxi Cheng get "Achievement Awards" and Bangsheng Tang, Hongyu Liang, Chengu Wang, Youming Qiao and Tiancheng Lou obtain "Undergraduate Achievement Award" for their outstanding senior thesis.


Below are photos:


(1) ITCS presents books to the graduated students


Prof. Yao presents a book to Chen Wang

Prof. Yao presents a book to Hongxu Cai


Prof. Yao presents a book to Yongxi Cheng

Prof. Yao presents a book to Jing Zhang


(2) ITCS presents student achievement awards


 Prof. Yao presents award to Jing Zhang

Prof. Yao presents award to Yongxi Cheng

Prof.Yao presents award to Jie Yin


3ITCS presents Undergraduate achievement awards


Prof. Yao presents award to Tiancheng Lou

Prof. Yao presents award to Youming Qiao

Prof.Yao presents award to Bangsheng Tang

Prof.Yao presents award to Chengu Wang

Prof.Yao presents award to Lianghong Yu

With these brilliant students, we believe ITCS will become the best computer science Institute in the world!