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CCTV Joins "Yao Class" Lecture at Tsinghua University

April 01,2010

On April 1, 2010, the weekly lecture on Mathematics for Computer Science started as usual at 9:50am in Room 6A102, 6th Teaching Building, Tsinghua University. Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao presented the lecture with enthusiasm.

The lecture got started in a vivid atmosphere as Prof. Yao greeted "how is your week?" Students shared their ideas on the homework which was a little bit difficult for them. Prof. Yao commented with a smile that what he emphasizes is the problem solving process rather than the result.


Prof. Yao then wrote down the term "Theory of Probability" on the blackboard and presented the complicated theory by showing a number of interesting applications in Computer Science. From Aristotle to Holmes, his examples made those theoretic ideas vivid and well-received by "Yao Class" students. Prof. Yao was glad to know that Chinese students have been taught the Pythagorean Theorem at primary school. And when one of the students correctly showed the way to prove the Theorem, Prof. Yao gave him a big hand and said, "the elementary education of China has successfully laid the academic foundation for you."



CCTV also joined students from "Yao Class"90 during the lecture and interviewed Prof. Yao during the break. Prof. Yao introduced the founding stories of "Yao Class" and its vision to "help students from the Class to become top CS talents like those from MIT, Stanford and etc." Chenggang Wu, Huiwen Chang, Haoqing He, Ke Ai and Tianji Zhao shared their experiences as "Yao Class" students. Wenxue Zhang, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office presented also joined the lecture. The interview will be presented in CCTV Special Program on Talents Cultivation






The 100-minute-long English lecture was characterized by applause, laughter and active interactions. "I'm happy to join ‘Yao Class' where we can always share different ideas with each other. And it's really great that many lectures are delivered in a small-scale class," Tianji Zhao expressed the thoughts of "Yao Class" students, which is also their sincere appreciation for the talents cultivation model of "Yao Class".