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Master class—"Yao class" (CATV’s visit to ITCS)

March 26,2009

Reporters from Hong Kong Cable Television (CATV) headed by Luo Shuyi (chief reporter of CATV), visited ITCS on March 26, 2009, carrying out a one-day interview, including interview of Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, head of ITCS and three students from “Yao class”, Chen Danqi, Zhou Dong and Liu Yangwei.

Prof. Yao has briefly introduced to Ms. Luo the motivation and goals of founding “Yao class” as well as the great achievements made by this class since it was founded five years ago. Particularly, Yao told Luo that, “presently, ITCS enjoys the same research environment and academic level with those research institutes of prestigious universities in New York and Boston. The only difference is our location.” Ms. Luo was impressed by Prof. Yao’s introduction, and called “Yao class” a master class.


Communication before the interview



Interviewing Prof. Yao


The visiting crew also shot a class given by Prof. Yao. Ms. Luo said she was amazed by the teaching style of Prof. Yao, which is featured humor and vividness, as well as the brightness of students from “Yao class”.


Prof. Yao is giving a class to students


Ms. Luo furthered her interview with Chen Danqi, Zhou Dong and Liu Yangwei, three students from “Yao class”. Questions include changes after entering university, their experience in “Yao class”, Prof. Yao’s influence on them and their goal.



Ms. Luo is interviewing Chen Danqi, a student of “Yao class”



Ms. Luo is interviewing Zhou Dong, a student of “Yao class”.



Ms. Luo is interviewing Liu Yangwei, a student of “Yao class”


At the end of the whole interview, the visitors concluded that they were deeply impressed by the education and research environment of ITCS. They wish through their report, “Yao class” as well as ITCS can be introduced to the whole world.