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Awarding Ceremony & Doctor Graduates Farewell Ceremony Held in ITCS

June 18,2009

The Awarding Ceremony & Doctor Graduates Farewell Ceremony for Mr. Zhiqiang Zhang and Mr. Changyuan Yu was launched at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science in Tsinghua University at 2pm on Jun. 18th.

The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Yao, director of Institute. “This semester is coming to an end,” Prof. Yao said, “It’s another academic year for us occupied with study and work. I am delighted to have such a chance for us to get together today.” Then, Prof. Yao introduced the visitors--Prof. Ker-I Ko, Prof. Dingzhu Du, Prof. Viglas and Nathaniel Hobbs, fresh postgraduate from America. They all expressed that it was a pleasant experience to work and study here, and to see the Institute developing towards world-class research center.


After that followed the awarding ceremony.

“Yao Award” went first. It is a tradition in the Institute that junior students of Yao Class at the end of each semester will be awarded for their excellent performance over the past three years. 6 students were elected through strict selection based on the application materials submitted by students. Gold Medal went to Wenbin Tang, Silver Medal Tianqiang Liu and Chenguang Zhu, and Bronze Medal Chenggang Wu, Cheng Lu and Fan Long. Prof. Yao announced the awarders’ list and invited the winners to make a speech. They were very excited as if they had won Turing Award, and they also extended their sincere thanks to Prof. Yao and the Institute. After the speech, Mr. Yao granted the award in person and took photos with each winner.


The “Achievement Award” went next for outstanding Ph. D. students. Youpeng Qiao and Xiaohui Bei won the award for their talk in international conferences Random and Esa as well as their accomplishments in research. “Without the guidance of teachers and the help of classmates, we couldn’t make these achievements”, they said.



Doctor Graduates Farewell Ceremony went last. In their graduation speech, the graduating doctors expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Yao and other teachers in the Institute, and the years they spent here would definitely be an unforgettable and precious memory. After the speech, they also received the gifts from Prof. Yao.



In the end, Mr. Yao asked, “Are you happy?” “We are happy!” everybody replied. The meeting came to a happy ending.