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PhD Graduation Party Held in ITCS

June 19,2009

A graduation party was held at the Banquet Hall of the Lake View Hotel for two graduating doctors, Zhiqiang Zhang and Changyuan Yu in the evening of Jun. 19th.



It was a great gathering at No.6 Banquet Hall. More than 40 people were present, including the faculty, postdocs, general office staffs, and graduate students.

Accompanying with music, the hosts, Anke and Nathaniel, went on the stage to announce the opening of the party. They first invited Prof. Yuexuan Wang, Associate Director, to make opening remarks and toast. Prof. Wang said with a deep affection, “There is one day every year we all have to face—graduation day. This day is filled with multi-emotions, we feel happy and proud for our graduates’ achievements, yet shed tears for saying goodbye. Best wishes to you for a good life and work! Cheers!”


Then Prof. Ko also made some remarks on their outstanding performance in Ph D Defense and extended his best wishes to them.


Prof. Sun took his turn. He recalled the day Changyuan Yu was interviewed for admission, as if it had just happened yesterday. He even remembered the questions and answers. “How time flies!” Prof. Sun said, “I wish you two a bright future and hope you will pay a frequent visit to your university!”


And then came the performance. Hao Song recited a poem “Farewell to Cambridge” in a melancholy but touching tone. The others, such as the song “Little Back basket”; the song by Anke, Frans and Michel Yu, and the ensemble of Erhu and guitar by Nathaniel and Chengu Wang, all won huge applause.




During the party, Zhiqiang Zhang and Changyuan Yu also presented the slides in memory of their studies and life on campus, and to show their sincere gratitude to Prof. Yao, Prof. Wang, Prof. Sun and Prof. Hu as well as their great expectations in future.


The party ended with the song “Wish Forever” by Ms. Di Sun.