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Prof. Raymond Yeung Visits IIIS

April 26,2012

April 26, Prof. Raymond Wai-Ho Yeung, Adjunct Professor and Director of the Internet Engineering Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong visited IIIS and gave a Distinguished Lecture on Refinement of Two Fundamental Tools in Information Theory. Dean Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao hosted the lecture at the Lecture Hall, FIT Building.


Prof. Yeungs research interest is in information theory and network coding. In his talk, Prof. Yeung gives details about the discontinuity of Shannon's information measures and shows how these results lead to a new definition of typicality and an inequality tighter than Fano's inequality.  He also discusses applications in network coding and information theoretic security.


Prof. Yao presented the Adjunct Professor Award to Prof. Yeung before the Distinguished Lecture. 


Prof. Yeung is a member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Information Theory Society in 1999-2001. He has served on the committees of a number of information theory symposiums, and is currently on the editorial board of a few international journals.. He is the author of the book entitled A First Course in Information Theory (Springer 2002). His book has been adopted as text book or reference by leading US universities including Columbia University, Cornell University, MIT, and Stanford University. His research interest is in information theory and network coding.