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Prof. Yao Lectured on Morality and Obligation of Scientists

June 10,2014

(By Shuai Sun) Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, chair professor of Yaoclass in “Tsinghua Xuetang Plan”, was invited to deliver a lecture on Morality and Obligation of Scientists, attracting over 400 students and teachers on campus.


Before elaborating on the morality and obligation of scientists, Prof. Yao talked about the basic moral norms of humanity. Distinguishing right from wrong, strictly being honesty and not stealing and cheating were not only the basic moral norms for all people, but also the base line for scientists. Kindheartedness and justice, according to Prof. Yao, were the basic ethnic conducts of scientists while diligence and pursuit for science were the main and necessary qualities on the path of discovery and exploration. At the end of the lecture, Prof. Yao expressed high expectation towards the students, wishing all of them devote to duty and learning from the better.


This lecture was hosted by Prof. Longbo Huang, program director of Yaoclass in “Tsinghua Xuetang Plan”.