Create the Future with Multimodal AI: My Research and Startup Journey

演讲人: Rui Zhou MIT
时间: 2023-12-22 10:00-2023-12-22 11:00
地点:FIT 1-222

We live in a world that is multimodal in nature. The ability to act and reason on multimodal data in addition to standard modalities like images and texts is the key to realize AGI. In this talk, I will present the work of my group at MIT on multimodal learning for engineering design, where we expand edge of generative AI to realize the “Jarvis” in Iron Man. Being both a researcher and an entrepreneur, I will also share my journey in both the research and startup world, where I took my research to the real world to impact significant sectors such as manufacturing and education.


Rui Zhou is a PhD student at MIT and the founder and CEO of UrsaTech. AT MIT, Rui is a researcher at the DeCoDe Lab advised by Prof. Faez Ahmed. His research focuses on multimodal generative AI for engineering design. Rui’s startup company UrsaTech operates in both China and the US and is revolutionizing manufacturing and education with multimodal AI. Rui received his Bachelor of Science in EECS from UC Berkeley, where he researched in autonomous driving and was advised by Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka, member of the US National Academy of Engineering. Rui had also been a Software Engineer at Apple.