Micro-cavity integration with monolithic linear ion trap

演讲人: 高少博 冲绳科技大学院大学
时间: 2024-04-19 10:00-2024-04-19 11:00
地点: RM S327 or 腾讯会议:985-046-4708

Micro optical cavities can be used to collect photons emitted from the ions more efficiently, or to achieve strong coupling between photons and ions. In this talk, I will discuss a fundamental challenge to integrate micro cavies with linear trapped ions, as well as some other more already-known technical challenges, including ion heating, charge noise, cavity fabrication, and fibre coupling. I will also introduce some of our technologies to battle these challenges in OIST, including bipolar RF driving, SLE laser machining, conductive shielding, GRIN lens splicing, and active-feedback laser ablation.


高少博,2021年牛津大学博士毕业,现工作于冲绳科技大学院大学Experimental Quantum Information Physics (EQuIP) unit 博士后,主要从事可拓展性量子计算,光学微腔和离子阱集成的技术研究,相关成果发表于Physics Review Letter等期刊18篇。