Free quantum field theory from general principles, without using Lorentz invaria

演讲人: Mauro D'Ariano University of Pavia
时间: 2015-04-15 14:00-2015-04-15 14:45
地点:FIT 1-222

I will present an overview of the derivation of free quantum field theory (QFT) from general principles, without assuming mechanical notions and Lorentz symmetry. The framework resulting from the principles is a quantum automaton framework, with QFT resulting in the relativistic limit for small wave-vectors. After reviewing the scheme of the derivation from principles, we will analyze the emergence of Lorentz covariance along with the full interpolation up to the nonlinear Lorentz group holding at the Planck scale, based on a general group theoretical notion of reference-frame. I will also show how some GR-related notions emerge, e.g. the mini black-hole corresponding to a bound for the inertial mass of the Dirac particle due solely to unitarity. Some preliminary computer simulations will be also shown, and possible visible effects of an hypothetical Planck-scale will be discussed.

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