User and Content Recommendation at Twitter

演讲人: Guang Xiang Beijing, i.e. 数问
时间: 2016-06-24 15:00-2016-06-24 17:00
地点:FIT 1-312

As the leading social media in the world, Twitter has 325M monthly active users and handles 500M new tweets every day as of 2016. In this talk, Dr.Guang Xiang, the founder & CEO of an early-stage machine learning startup in Beijing, i.e. 数问, will speak about the architecture and algorithmic details of Twitter's online & offline user recommendation system and real-time content recommendation system. Dr.Xiang will also share some fun and challenging experiences in the most popular social media company.


向光 北京数问科技有限公司CEO
美国Carnegie Mellon University计算机博士。前Twitter Recommendation Group数据科学家 & 软件工程师。作为核心成员,设计并实现了基于地理位置、基于图等算法的在线、离线用户推荐系统,从0到1设计并实现了Twitter首个端到端的实时内容推荐系统。