Engineering Quantum Thermal Machines

演讲人: Adolfo del Campo University of Massachusetts
时间: 2017-01-23 10:30-2017-01-23 11:30

Quantum thermodynamics has the potential to impact energy science. Yet, the identification of scenarios characterized by a quantum supremacy, unmatched by the classical counterpart, remains challenging. In this talk I shall review recent advances in the engineering and optimization of quantum thermal machines. I will show that nonadiabatic many-particle effects can give rise to quantum supremacy in finite-time thermodynamics. 

Further, quantum heat engines can be operated at maximum efficiency and arbitrarily high output power by making use of shortcuts to adiabaticity. A thermodynamic cost of these shortcuts will be elucidated by analyzing the full work distribution function and introducing a novel kind of work-energy uncertainty relation. I shall close by discussing the identification of scenarios with a quantum-enhanced performance in thermal machines run over many cycles.

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