Efficient estimation of quantum coherence

演讲人: Qiming Ding Shandong University
时间: 2021-09-29 19:00-2021-09-29 20:00
地点:MMW S527 +Online (Tencent Meeting App: 419-413-213)

Quantification of coherence lies at the heart of quantum information processing and fundamental physics. Exact evaluation of coherence measures generally needs a full reconstruction of the density matrix, which becomes intractable for large-scale multipartite systems. In this talk, we will share a systematic theoretical approach to efficiently estimating lower and upper bounds of coherence in multipartite states. Under the stabilizer formalism, the lower bound is determined by the spectrum estimation method with a small number of measurements, and the upper bound is determined by a single measurement. We also verify our theory with a four-qubit optical quantum system. We experimentally implement various multiqubit entangled states, including the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state, the cluster state, and the W state, and show how their coherences are efficiently inferred from measuring a few observables.


Qiming Ding is a PhD student at Shandong University. He is co-advised by Prof Dianmin Tong and Prof. He Lu. His research interests lie in the estimation and manipulation of quantum coherence, as well as further quantum system certification.