Quantum cryptography at the application frontier

演讲人: Romain Alléaume SeQureNet
时间: 2021-12-08 19:15-2021-12-08 20:15
地点:MMW S327 + Zoom(ID: 821 1882 7434, Password: 911579)

Quantum cryptography is one of the first and most developed quantum technology, with notable progress in quantum communications and quantum networking in the past years. Initially presented as a new form of cryptography and communications, it is also stimulating to consider quantum cryptography from the perspective of a renewed classical-quantum dialogue. We will review some interesting work and ideas on that matter, and present some of our recent work on QKD implementation security, on CV-QKD system design, and on hybrid quantum-computational quantum cryptographic protocols. This will allow us to discuss some lessons that can be learned by focusing on questions emerging at the application frontier.


After graduating from ENS Paris, Romain Alléaume has completed his Ph.D. at University Paris VI and ENS Cachan in 2004, on experimental quantum cryptography with single-photon sources, He was the co-recipient of “magazine La Recherche” scientific prize 2004. He then joined Telecom ParisTech to coordinate the work on QKD networks performed within the European FP6 project SECOQC that culminated by the first demonstration of a QKD network in Europe. Romain Alléaume co-founded the start-up company SeQureNet in 2008, who has developed the first commercial continuous-variable QKD product, Cygnus, released in 2012. He participated in two national projects on quantum key distribution PROSPIQ (2006-2009) and SEQURE (2007-2010), as well as the French-Canadian project FREQUENCY dedicated fundamental research on quantum cryptography. Romain Alléaume then coordinated national and European projects, with an emphasis on QKD implementation security (FP7 Q-CERT, 2008-2012) and on the optical integration of QKD in telecommunications networks (French ANR Quantum-WDM, 2012-2015). He is also a member of the ETSI QKD Industry Standardization Group, and an active contributor to the international scientific and technical effort on QKD technology, and quantum cryptography.