Towards precise calibrations of wide-field surveys in the era of LAMOST and Gaia

演讲人: Haibo Yuan BNU
时间: 2022-10-27 14:00-2022-10-27 15:00
地点:S727 + Zoom Meeting (ID: 973 9601 0740, password: 202210)

Uniform and precise calibration plays an important role in the current and next-generation surveys. In this talk, I will discuss challenges and opportunities of 1)  photometric calibration of wide-field photometric surveys, 2) wavelength calibration of spectroscopic surveys, and 3) flux calibration of slitless spectroscopic surveys in the era of LAMOST and Gaia.


2015-Present: Associated Professor, Beijing Normal University

2011-2015: LAMOST Fellow, Kavli Fellow, KIAA, Peking University

2006-2011: PhD in Astrophysics, Peking University

2002-2006: BA in Astronomy, Peking University

His main research interests include wide field surveys, Galactic sturcture, dust, binary stars, and emission line nebulae. He currently focuses on developping innovative techniques in calibrations and data analyses for surveys including LAMOST, Gaia, CSST, Mephisto, and JPAS, to make optimal measurements of stellar observables and properties, and further to reveal the stellar populations, structure and formation history of the Milky Way. He was awarded the NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund in 2022.