Recent progress on scattering amplitudes

演讲人: 何颂 中科院理论物理研究所
时间: 2022-11-09 16:00-2022-11-09 17:00

Powerful computational tools and new structures for perturbative scattering amplitudes in QFT have been discovered in recent years. Apart from playing a central role in high-energy particle physics, these developments have important implications for formal QFT, quantum gravity, string theory and even new directions in mathematics. I will review some recent progress, focusing on a new formulation of scattering of gluons, gravitons and their connections, as well as geometries underlying QFT and strings, which may hint at a ``theory at infinity” for their S-matrices.


Song He is a professor at Institute of Theoretical Physics (CAS), who has been working on QFT, string theory and mathematical physics. In recent years his works mainly focus on scattering amplitudes, gauge/gravity dualities and related areas. He has published over 80 papers with about 5000 citations, and was awarded the AAPPS-APCTP C.N. Yang award  in 2019.