Testing Gravity with Pulsars

演讲人: Lijing Shao
时间: 2022-12-08 13:30-2022-12-08 14:30
地点:Tencent Meeting ID: 814-2523-8667

Einstein’s general relativity has passed enormous tests with flying colours, ranging from the Solar System, binary pulsars, gravitational waves, to cosmology. Binary pulsars, being in a strong-field regime with quasi-stationary orbital motion, are excellent testbeds for multiple aspects of gravitation. I will introduce the pulsar-timing techniques that have enabled the various tests, and highlight a few cases where binary pulsars have played an essential role, in particular where strong gravity has significantly impacted the inner structure of neutron stars. Using binary pulsars to test the universality of free fall and long-range fifth force from dark matters will be briefly introduced as well.


Lijing Shao obtained his PhD degree on Theoretical Physics from the School of Physics at Peking University in 2015. Then he worked as a Junior Scientist for two years in the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (a.k.a. the Albert Einstein Institute) in Potsdam Germany. After that, Lijing worked as a Scientific Staff for one year in the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn Germany. In 2018, he joined the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University as an Assistant Professor. He is the group leader of a Max Planck Partner Group at PKU, funded by the Max Planck Society. Lijing’s main research interests include tests of gravity theories, pulsars and neutron stars, gravitational waves, and new physics beyond the standard model of particle physics.