Solar coronal waves: A debate for two decades

演讲人: Pengfei Chen NJU
时间: 2022-12-15 14:00-2022-12-15 15:00
地点:Zoom Meeting ID: 987 9360 1531 Passcode: 202212

In 1997, the EIT telescope aboard the SOHO satellite (from NASA and ESA) discovered a global-scale wave phenomenon associated with solar flares, which was then called “EIT waves” or “solar tsunamis”. The physical nature of “EIT waves” has been debated for decades. The speaker will try to provide an overview of the related research, including recent progress.


Peng-Fei Chen is a solar physics professor from the School of Astronomy and Space Science of Nanjing University. He got PhD from Nanjing University in 1999 before going to Kyoto University as a postdoc. So far he has published more than 150 papers, and has been solicited to give invited talks in more than 40 international conferences. He is currently serving as a member of the ISSI Science Committee (Bern & Beijing), vice chair of the E2 sub-Commission in COSPAR, scientific editor of several journals (Science China Physics Mechanics Astronomy, Scientific Reports, …). He was awarded the China Youth Science and Technology Prize in 2011 and the Young Career Award of the Asia-Pacific Solar Physics Community in 2017.