演讲人: 安刘攀 CERN Fellow
时间: 2022-12-29 10:00-2022-12-29 11:00
地点:Tencent Meeting ID: 746 492 5470

The performance of Electromagnetic Calorimeter is important for physics studies involving neutrals and electrons. To cope with the large luminosity to be operated at during high-luminosity LHC and sustain radiation doses up to 1 MGy, a major upgrade of ECAL is needed. A baseline strategy is proposed to combine the existing Shashlik technology in outer region with a so-called Spaghetti Calorimeter (SPACAL) technology in the central region. The latest performance measurements of the SPACAL and Shashlik prototypes with testbeam and simulation studies of the Upgrade ECAL setup will be presented in the talk.



Liupan An received her PhD in high energy physics from Tsinghua University in 2018. Then she successively won the INFN PostDoc fellowship in 2018 and CERN senior research fellowship in 2020. She is a member of the LHCb experiment and convener of the B-hadron and Quarkonia working group at LHCb. Her research interests are mainly on heavy flavour hadron spectroscopy and production. She has also joined the LHCb ECAL Upgrade efforts since 2020.