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  • IIIS Commencement Ceremony and Yaoclass Meeting 2014 took place at Lecture Hall, FIT Building, on the afternoon of June 23. This year, 39 IIIS students will receive degree awarding, including 34 undergraduates, 3 PhD and 2 masters.
  • Junxing Wang, Yaoclass 2010 of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science (IIIS), Tsinghua University, recently won the Best Student Paper Awards on the Fifteenth ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, EC'14. The published paper Fair Enough
  • 6月5日下午,“清华学堂人才培养计划”计算机科学实验班首席教授姚期智院士在六教为现场近400名清华师生带来题为“科学家的道德与责任”的演讲。讲座由“清华学堂人才培养计划”计算机科学实验班项目主任黄隆波助理教授主持。
  • 发布于:2014.05.19
  • Forty-three senior students travelled from across China to attend IIIS Physics Summer School at Tsinghua Xuetang on May 10-11, 2014. The summer school was opened by Prof. Luming Duan, Tsinghua CC Yao Professor and Michigan Enrico Fermi Collegiate Professo
  • As Tsinghua University celebrated its 103rd anniversary, the 57th “Ma Yuehan Cup” Sports Meeting was held on April 27, 2014. This sports meeting is a great platform for students to compete and become friends. This year, over 60 IIIS students took part in
  • On March 29, 2014, hundreds of shortlisted high-school students attended the interview of Tsinghua discretionary enrollment after they succeeded in a previous written test. The interview for Tsinghua Xuetang Special Pilot CS Class (Yao Class) took place i
  • February 27, Prof. Luming Duan spoke on the topic “From Einstein-Bohr Debate to the Frontier of Quantum Information” in FIT Lecture Hall, attracting over 100 students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Te
  • On January 19, 2014, 35 students from Yaoclass 2011, Tsinghua University, arrived in Hong Kong and began a four-day academic visit in “ITCSC-INC 2014 Winter School”. Prof. Raymond W. Yeung, Director of the institute of Network Coding, CUHK and Adjunct Pro
  • The recent research by a IIIS team composed by Giulio Chiribella, Yuxiang Yang and Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, entitled Quantum replication at the Heisenberg limit and published on Nature Communications last month, has caught world-wide attention. The latest
  • Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology of Tsinghua University was inaugurated on campus on January 6, 2014.David Mong and other distinguished guests paid an inaugural visit to some high-tech laboratories in the building after the unveiling of a n
  • The Workshop on Quantum Metrology, Interaction and Causal Structure took place in Room 1-315, Fit Building, on the afternoon of November 9, 2013, with the participation of 18 invited speakers from various countries such as Great Britain, USA, France, Japa
  • WU Jiajun, undergraduate from Yao Class, has been awarded 2013 Tsinghua Top Talent Scholarship for Undergraduates, the most prestigious prize for outstanding Tsinghua students.
  • IIIS 2013 Graduation Ceremony and Yao Class Meeting took place at the Lecture Hall, FIT Building on the afternoon of June 19, with the presence of Prof. Si Yuan, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Dean of IIIS, Prof. Luming
  • Tsinghua University has decided to join edX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative comprised of leading global institutions, the xConsortium, as one of the first group of Asian universities to do so, on May 21st, according to announcements made by
  • 2013年5月18日,交叉信息院2013年物理学学科优秀大学生夏令营在清华学堂举行。为期两天的夏令营活动吸引了来自清华大学、北京大学、中国科学技术大学、浙江大学、复旦大学等数十所高校的46名学生参加。密西根大学费米讲席教授、清华大学姚期智讲座教授段路明主持开营仪式,清华大学交叉信息院院长姚期智院士致开营辞。
  • 2013年4月28日,在清华大学迎来第102个生日之时,马约翰杯体育运动会在春日的清晨中绽放开幕。今年是交叉信息院第二次独立组队参加马约翰杯运动会,秉承上一届马杯运动会的成功经验,此次运动会在我院学生工作教师、本科辅导员、研究生助管及学生干部的组织和鼓励下,参赛报名踊跃,赛事成绩骄人,充分展示了交叉信息院的风采。